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The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

- Mark Twain


We offer start-to-finish solutions for each and every Tiny House project!

Maybe you're a young millennial, whose financial situation is such that a traditional home is out of reach for the time being. Perhaps you're simply eco-friendly and want a simpler lifestyle with a smaller carbon footprint.

Why Now?

Why Us?

Maybe you're a baby boomer looking to downsize, break free from that ball & chain of a mortgage, and go see the world.

Honest, Reliable, Trustworthy & Experienced‚Äč


Perhaps you're a property owner wanting to put one or more tiny homes on your existing homestead or vacation property to produce rental income.

In certain circumstances, we may even be interested in partnering with you to make that happen.

Firstly, just because it's a tiny home doesn't mean it takes lesser skill sets to build it... in some ways, because of its size and mobility, there are extra layers of complexity associated with the building of a tiny home... we bring decades of experience in the construction industry, big and small, to your tiny home project. From start to finish, we are fully adept at managing all phases of the construction of your tiny home.

Secondly, and you'll notice this from the very first contact, we are extremely easy to work with... there is never any sales pressure whatsoever. We learned a long time ago that if we make it our mission to help others and to develop relationships first, business will take care of itself.

Additionally, we can easily work with you no matter where you're located... thanks to today's technology, we're able to communicate, send progress pictures and video, and make customization decisions together in real time.

Finally, WE DO NOT CHARGE UP-FRONT MONEY. Should we wind up working together, we simply do project invoices as your build progresses. 

Why You?